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Warranty is limited to peeling, cracking and chipping of the fiberglass only.  This is not a cosmetic warranty.  Any pictures, colors or color stripes incorporated into the finish of the pool are not covered under this warranty from fading or color change.  NO ONE IS TO ENTER POOL UNTIL POOL IS FILLED WITH WATER, doing so will cause warranty to be void.  We will not be held liable for anyone injured in pool.  Void if pool is drained without notifying us prior to draining.  Void if pool surface is mistreated or improper care taken.  Warranty does not cover any damages due to normal wear over time, or natural causes, such as, but not limited to earth movements, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or any other acts of God.

This Warranty is not transferable nor does it cover any other incidental work such as kool deck repair or tile repair